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  • TARALAY INITIAL COMPACT is a multi- layered vinyl floorcovering, available in 2m wide sheet, with a group T wear rating.
  • The product comprises a compacted backing reinforced with a glass fibre and a printed design that is protected by a transparent wear layer (0.70 mm thick). It offers 6 dB sound insulation and an indentation resistance of 0.03 mm.
  • It is treated with Protecsol®, a UV cured surface treatment, which facilitates ease of maintenance and eliminates permanently the need for acrylic emulsion (metallisation).
  • These products do not contain any heavy metals or CMR 1&2 and are 100% compliant with REACH. The products emission rate of  volatile organic compounds is < 10 µg/m3 (TVOC after 28 days – ISO 16000-6). It is 100% recyclable.